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  Daya Bay is a beautiful coastal city, with a total maritime area of 1,300 square kilometers and a coastline of 63.1 kilometers. It is characterized by clean seawater, soft sand, its beach twisting and stretching on. There are hundreds of isles of all kinds spreading like a crescent, which helps it win the reputation of Minor Guilin on the Sea.


  In recent years, Daya Bay has been developing its seashore tourism according to its local tourism resources and launching seashore tourism programs, especially the particular program of Fisherman Tourism. So far, a resort offering eating, living, outing, visiting, shopping and entertaining has taken shape, with programs like Dongsheng Fishing Village, Dalajia Isle and Sanmen Isle. Beside, three seashore sightseeing routes, Aotou to Sanmen Isle, Xiachong to Xunliao(Huidong), Xiachong to Sanjiao Isle and Dalajia Isle(Xunliao Bay) have been developed, successfully establishing the travel brands of A Hundred Isles, Fishing at Night, Traveling in Fishing Town, Relaxing in the Shade, Meeting in Daya Bay and A Thousand People traveling together in Daya Bay.