Current Position:
Economic Development

  With the completion and operation of some mega projects such as the 12 million ton’ petroleum refining of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and the 0.95 million tons’ ethylene of CNOOC and Shell Petrochemical Company Limited (CSPC), some other middle-stream and downstream projects such as Clariant, Bridgestone and BASF has been settling in this area one after another, hence primarily forming a industrial pattern of petrochemical technology which covers the upstream, middle-stream and downstream. Moreover, with the impetus of enterprises involving electronics, auto parts and logistics, Daya Bay district has basically formed a modern industrial system with petrochemical industry as a leading figure, and electronics, auto parts and logistics developing neck and neck.


  In 2012, the total output value in this district reaches 44.08 billion Yuan, increased by 10%; scalable industrial output value reaches 166.05 billion Yuan, increased by 11.7%; fixed-asset investment reaches 14.65 billion Yuan, increased by 21.6%; total tax revenue (including the tax levied by the customs) reaches 36.68 billion Yuan, increased by 20.9%; retail sales of consumer goods reaches 1.68 billion Yuan, increased by 14%; utilization of overseas capital reaches 329 million Yuan, increased by 10%; the public financial budget revenue reaches 2.24 billion Yuan, increased by 28.4%; port throughput capacity reaches 44.772 million ton, increased by 5%.