Current Position:
Medical Insurance

  Apply for Subsidies of Medical Insurance

  Objects of subsidy: Those who are hospitalized for illness and the expenses (including hospitalization costs, but excluding the outpatient service) afforded by individuals amount to 15 thousand Yuan can apply for subsidies of medical insurance. The subsidies of medical insurance will compensate 50% of the exceeding part of 15 thousand via the verification of the sub-bureau of social insurance.

  Handling procedures: Applicants should hand in the application form, copies of ID card or social insurance card and copy of their own bank code to sub-bureau of social insurance before 31 December of the current year to apply for subsidies of the last year. If they transfer to other cities’ designated medical institution or non-designated medical institution privately (excluding students from other cities), they are not in the domain of subsidies.

  The commission institution: Sub-bureau of social insurance medical treatment department (0752-5562687)