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Aotou Purple Seaweed

  Seaweed, a kind of seafood possesses rich nutritive value, usually used as an ingredient for making soup. Seaweed contains various pigments such as chlorophyll, carotene, lutein, phycoerythrin, phycocyanin each of different content ratio, which resulted in all sorts of seaweeds with different colors like aubergine, blue-green, reddish-brown, brown-green. While most of them are purple, so the seaweed is also called purple seaweed in China.

  Autou purple seaweed yield is quite productive; and its color, varies from reddish purple or greenish purple seaweed of other places, is dark purple close to black. The size of the purple weed is like a palm of a person. With its faint scent, the Autou purple seaweed is considered to be the finest items among seaweeds.

  Purple seaweed, rich in iodine, is beneficial to one’s blood flow and can nourish the brain. Besides, it can improve the utilization ratio of protein absorbed from staple meals. Other merits include supporting cardiovascular health, preventing aging and memory loss, improving depression, intestines cleansing, fat burning, facilitating bone growth and teeth growth of infants. The purple seaweed truly is a food with many advantages, precious food with all kinds of nutrients.

  Every year when the autumn wind blows and roaring waves in the sea run high, the purple seaweeds start to grow. People in Autou will go to sea to cut and gather seaweeds. Local people usually will wash and dip the seaweeds in the water for a certain amount of time, then put them in a specially-made bamboo mat in order of size and cut them into circular slices, finally dried them up in the sun. When making soup with seaweeds, usually the seaweeds have to be soaked in water first. Seaweed and egg soup is a classic dish made out of seaweed. It can also used in cold dishes with sauce, fried dishes; or used as stuffing or side dishes.